COP21 Meeting

During the COP21, coque iphone Patricia Mowbray met the Benin Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, coque iphone Boubacar Seck, coque iphone the architect of the Manecounda school in Casamance (Senegal) and Thomas Samuel, coque samsung CEO of Sunna Design. coque iphone Boubacar Seck, the Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, Patricia Mowbray and Thomas Samuel Boubacar Seck, iphone 11 case the Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou,

Mission report, November 2015

French delegation: Philippe Boucaud, Mr & Mrs Bertrand and Christine Favreul, Maryline Malbrunot, Yvette Mermelstein, Patricia Mowbray and Marc Perpitch.

Senegalese members: Ibrahima Khouma (builder), Lassana Keita (teacher, head of the primary school in Koar) and Assan Faye (ex-teacher, member of the education administration)

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Throwback Racines d’Enfance 10-year anniversary at the Grand Palais

The last 20th of November, Racines d’Enfance celebrated its 10 years with conviviality at the Grand Palais. Everyone, from Senegal or the french provinces, made the journey to Paris to gather. We’re thanking our partner and sponsor without whom this night wouldn’t have been possible : Galerie Liova Perpitch, chocolatier Puyricard, coque samsung Air France, Imatone, Champagnes FrèreJean Frères, Le petit Médicis, coque huawei Rue des Cadeaux and MK2 !

10 ans Racines

Ibrahima Khouma, Patricia Mowbray, Lassana Keita, Marc Perpitch, Assan Faye

10 ans Racines

Lassana Keita, coque huawei Assan Faye, Marc Perpitch & Ibrahima Khouma

10 ans Racines

Patricia Mowbray and Ibrahima Khouma

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