A new kindergarten is coming…

The building of our 8th school in Keur Assan Ndiaye has begun !

keur assan ndiaye

Things have changed since the first stone…

keur assan ndiaye

Mission report : April 2016

Participants members : Patricia Mowbray, Marc Perpitch, Emmanuelle Martin, Boubacar Seck, Ibrahima Khouma, Assan Faye, Lassana Keita


April the 11th

Wassadou – opened in 2014

In the presence of

the monitors Marie Camara (First year), Balassama Fofana (Second year), Mariama Ndiaye (Third year)

Mister Mamadou Sangaré, the managing comity president. Mister Dialo, the head of the primary school.

Mister Diarra Idrissa, representative of the company La Villageoise.


Number of pupils: First Section : 34 pupils

Second Section : 24 pupils

Third Section : 22 pupils Total : 90 pupils

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International Women’s Day

Yesterday was the International Women’s Day that highlights the fights for equal rights between men and women.

In Africa, women are 70% of the agricultural strenght and produce 90% of the subsistence crop. Their daughters are 77% in primary schools and only 32% in secondary schools. Women are barely 9% to be non agricultural employees. 8 out of 1000 women will die from their pregnancy…

femmes de Koar

Since a few years now, their voices and words are rising through the continent and even through the world.

It’s the occasion for us to listen to Ngozi Adichie speech :

Happy New Year 2016 !

Racines d’Enfance is going back to work et wishes you all the best for this new year !

2016 will be the year when we strengthen our basis, especially in Saal, where the school’s buildings will be renovated after 10 years of use !

lunch in Saal

Lunch with the team in Saal – November 2015


2016 will also be the time for a new kindergarten to be built.

We can’t wait !

News from Koar

We are happy to announce the new headcount of the kindergarten of Koar : they are now 90 pupils !


Koumbal Inauguration day, November 2015

Koumbal Inauguration

The teachers

Koumbal Inauguration

Bertrand Favreul opens up the supplies

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COP21 Meeting

During the COP21, Patricia Mowbray met the Benin Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, Boubacar Seck, the architect of the Manecounda school in Casamance (Senegal) and Thomas Samuel, CEO of Sunna Design.

Boubacar Seck, the Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, Patricia Mowbray and Thomas Samuel

Boubacar Seck, the Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, Patricia Mowbray and Thomas Samuel


Mission report, November 2015

French delegation: Philippe Boucaud, Mr & Mrs Bertrand and Christine Favreul, Maryline Malbrunot, Yvette Mermelstein, Patricia Mowbray and Marc Perpitch.

Senegalese members: Ibrahima Khouma (builder), Lassana Keita (teacher, head of the primary school in Koar) and Assan Faye (ex-teacher, member of the education administration)

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Opening ceremony of Koumbal

The Koumbal school has been inaugurated last tuesday, the 17th of November !

Opening ceremony Koumbal

Tambacounda : Start of the school year disrupted


There has been a rise in the water level of Gambia river last week in the Tambacounda area. Saal, Wassadou and Koar are affected. So the start of the school year in these 3 kindergartens has been disrupted.