Mission report, May 2015

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Monday May the 4th :

Inspection/Visit of the kindergarten in Diagane Barka, with Assan Faye, Ibrahima Khouma and the headmistress of the school. The teaching tools have been delivered, and the headcount is stable. After several weeks of interruption due to a national social movement from the teachers, the canteen is working again. The WFP (World Food Program) deliveries have stoped, so the canteen is working with the families dues of 50 FCFA per child and per week. Even though a water tower has been built last year nearby, the kindergarten still doesn’t have running water. Despite everything, the toilets are well kept and the children are washing their hands before entering class. The teachers are asking for outside games and some storage units in the classroom.

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May 2015 mission : Ndoss

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The maternity center :

Ndoss Maternity Maternité de Ndoss

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May 2015 mission : Koumbal

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Koumbal Koumbal

Work is in progress !

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May 2015 mission : Passy

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Passy maternity Passy maternity

Passy maternity

The city council took the initiative to build a welcome building.

May 2015 mission : Diagane Barka

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Diagane Barka Diagane Barka Diagane Barka