Teachers in training

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The teachers of Koar and Wassadou will be in training for 15 days in Tambacounda, from the 10th to the 25th of April. The travel and accomodation expenses are taken care of by Racines d’Enfance. The training is given out by the regional education authority of Tambacounda.


Some news from Ndoss

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Here’s the last pictures of the medical center in Ndoss ! From december 2014 to february 2015, the maternity hospital welcomed 55 births, as compared to 29 last year at the same time.De décembre 2014 à février 2015, la maternité a accueilli 55 naissances, contre 29 pour la même période l’année dernière. (sources Aïcha et ICP)

Ndoss maternity

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